Bamboo Works


Bamboo Works

Bamboo flourishes in Kumamoto, and it is used to make a number of practical objects, such as farming tools, fishing gear, and shallow baskets. Bamboo craftsmen set up their workshops near bamboos forests to create and repair various bamboo items based on the needs of the local residents.
Higo Saburo bows are made in Ashikita Town and are highly regarded by the traditional Japanese archery world.

Bamboo Baskets

basketsSquare baskets and other items made from bamboo are produced in Hinagu in Yatsushiro City and sold as souvenirs to people visiting the nearby hot springs. Everyday items such as fishing gear, shallow baskets, and flowervases are made from bamboo in Hondo in Amakusa City. In Kumamoto City andYamaga City, craftsmen make various items for daily life out of bamboo.

Higo Saburo Bows

Higo Saburo bows are made from bamboo and used in Japanese traditional archery, known as “kyudo.”
They are about 220 cm in length. The production of Higo Saburo bows began in 1924 when bow makers from Tokyo moved to Ashikita Town where the materials for making bows, such as bamboo and wax trees, are prevalent.
Higo Saburo bows are made by gluing together alternating layers of giant timber bamboo and wax tree wood using an adhesive called “nibe,” which is made by boiling deer skin.